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How to Withdraw from ApolloX

Withdrawing Crypto from Your ApolloX Account【PC】

If you want to transfer crypto from your ApolloX  account to another exchange or digital wallet, you can go to [Wallet] - [Funding] - [Withdraw] to initiate a withdrawal. Crypto withdrawals are made using an "address". Before you can withdraw your crypto, youll need to find the deposit address on the external platform, then just copy and paste it to the withdrawal address field on ApolloX.

The steps for making a withdrawal are shown below. Please read them carefully:

1. Log in to the ApolloX website, then click [Wallet] → [Funding] in the upper right corner and select [Withdraw].
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
2. Select the type of coin you want to withdraw. Well use Tether (USDT) as an example.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
3. Confirm the recipient address and paste it into the [Address] field.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
4. Click [Select Withdrawal Network]. Make sure you select the matching network to avoid losing your assets.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
5. Enter the withdrawal amount. The system will automatically calculate the fees and the actual transfer amount. Confirm that the information is correct, then click [Withdraw].

Actual transfer amount = Withdrawal amount – Withdrawal fees
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
6. Click [Continue] and complete security verification to complete the withdrawal.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
7. Once your withdrawal is completed, you can go to [Wallet] - [Transaction History] to view your transaction. Select [Withdraw] and the corresponding [Time] to view your withdrawal.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
  • If you choose to withdraw USDT, for example, please make sure you also choose USDT on the platform you want to withdraw to when copying the address;
  • If you want to transfer your crypto to another platform, please enter the USDT deposit address for that platform. (Similar to how you need the recipients account number when sending a bank transfer, you have to enter the recipients deposit address into the withdrawal address field).
  • If youre withdrawing to a wallet, you may need to go into the wallet youre transferring to and click Receive or Deposit to find the deposit address for the corresponding coin;
  • Once you enter the withdrawal address, the system will automatically match the corresponding network for you if there are multiple networks. However, you may need to manually choose and confirm the network for certain coins that arent supported by the matching system. Please confirm the network on the platform/wallet you want to withdraw to. Your funds may be lost if you choose the wrong network.

Withdrawing Crypto from Your ApolloX Account【APP】

If user want to transfer out their ApolloX cryptocurrencies to other exchange/platform or wallets, can go to [Wallets] -[Withdraw] to process the withdrawal. During the withdrawal process, you will need to copy the deposit address from the external platform and paste on the withdrawal page of ApolloX to complete the transaction and deposit to the respective account under the platform that you would like to withdraw to.

Below is the steps of withdrawal, please read through.

1. Login to ApolloX account on app, select [Wallets]-[Withdraw].
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
2. You will be able to see your available coins for withdraw under the "Coin List". Click on the coin you would like to withdraw to proceed. We will use "USDT" as example here.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
3. Confirm the recipient address to paste into the "Address" field. Select the compatible network and fill in the amount you would like to withdraw.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
4. The network will be match automatically based on your address filled or you can choose the network manually if failed to match. Kindly choose the correct network to avoid withdrawal losses.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
5. System will auto calculate the corresponding fees and the final amount you will receive. Click [Withdrawal] to proceed.

Receive Amount = Withdrawal amount-Withdrawal fees
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
6. Fill in the security verification as requested to complete the withdrawal process.

7. After transaction done, users can go to [Wallets]-[Funding] and click on the "history" icon to find the TxID for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Withdrawal Fees

"Withdrawal fees" or "network fees" are usually incurred when you withdraw coins to an external wallet address. These fees are used to pay the miners or node validators responsible for processing the transaction and securing the corresponding blockchain network.

ApolloX pays these fees to the miners to ensure that all transactions are properly processed on the blockchain. However, since transaction fees are dynamic, ApolloX charges users a fee based on the current network conditions. Please note that since the fee amount is based on estimated network transaction fees, it may be adjusted without notice in response to the current network conditions.

You can view the current fees for a given network by going to the withdrawal request page for that coin.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount

There is a minimum withdrawal limit every time you withdraw crypto, so please make sure the amount of your withdrawal is greater than the minimum.

You can go to the Deposit Withdrawal Fees page to check the minimum withdrawal limits and transaction fees for each type of cryptocurrency. However, please note that the fees displayed on this page may fluctuate without prior notice based on blockchain network conditions.

You can see the current transaction fees and minimum withdrawal limits on the Deposit Withdrawal Fees page, as shown below.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
Note: Please avoid choosing unsupported networks because they have low fees. You must select a network that is compatible with the external address you are withdrawing to. If your external wallet/exchange account provides you with an ERC20 address, you have to select the ERC20 network to withdraw your crypto. If you choose the wrong network, your funds will be lost.

Why Hasnt My Withdrawal Arrived?

1. I made a withdrawal from ApolloX to another exchange/wallet, but I havent received my funds yet. Why?

Transferring crypto out of your ApolloX account involves 3 steps: Submit a withdrawal request on ApolloX - Confirmation on the blockchain - Funds arrive in the other account.

ApolloX typically generates the TxID for your transfer within 30-60 minutes. This signals that we have finished processing your transfer, and your transaction has been broadcast to the blockchain.

The time it takes for a transaction to be confirmed and sent to the other partys receiving platform as well as the number of "network confirmations"  required to complete a transaction vary between different blockchains. For example:
  • A BTC deposit requires 1 network confirmation.
  • After receiving a deposit, the funds in your account will be temporarily frozen. You can withdraw after receiving 2 network confirmations.

Transfers may be delayed due to unpredictable network congestion. You can use the TxID (transaction ID) to check the status of your transfer using a blockchain explorer.

  • If the blockchain shows that the transaction is unconfirmed, please wait for the confirmation process to be completed.
  • If you still havent received your deposit once the transaction shows as confirmed on the blockchain, it means that the transfer has been completed on ApolloX and we are no longer able to assist you with that transaction. Please contact the receiving platform for assistance with crediting the transfer to your account.
  • If the TxID has not been generated 6 hours after you click the link in the confirmation email, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance. Please be sure to attach a screenshot of your withdrawal history showing the relevant transaction. Providing detailed information will allow our Customer Service to assist you in a timely manner.

2. How do I check the status of my transaction on the blockchain?

Log in to ApolloX and click [Wallet] - [Transaction History] to view your withdrawal history. You can click on the link in the [TxID] section to see detailed information about your transaction.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
How to Withdraw from ApolloX

What If I Withdraw to the Wrong Address?

On ApolloX, the system initiates the automatic withdrawal process as soon as you complete security verification and click [Submit]. There is no way to stop the automatic withdrawal process once its initiated.

Due to the anonymous nature of the blockchain, ApolloX has no way to locate who received your crypto if it was sent to the wrong address. Therefore, we will not be able to provide you with any further assistance if you send your crypto to the wrong address.
How to Withdraw from ApolloX
How can I get my crypto back after its been deposited to the wrong address?
  • If you know the owner of the address, we recommend that you contact the owner directly to negotiate the recovery of your assets.
  • If your assets were sent to the wrong address on another platform, please contact the customer support team on that platform for assistance.
  • If you forgot to enter a Tag/Memo when withdrawing to an external platform, please contact the customer support team for that platform and give them the transaction ID (TxID) and corresponding information of your ApolloX withdrawal for help recovering your assets.
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